Filmic Pro is Available in the App Store Now!

You can now produce professional looking video right from your iPhone.
Life. Camera. Action.


  • "FiLMiC Pro is easy to use, has a lot of great features and, most importantly, provides excellent quality video." --
  • "I swear by Filmic pro. So awesome yet so simple. Best iOS filming app full stop." -- YouTube fan
  • If you plan on shooting video with your iPhone, plan on purchasing FiLMIC Pro. In fact, forget planning on it, just do it now, There is no better tool available in the App Store for capturing high-quality video on your iOS device.
    Hand Held Hollywood
  • Get it while you can.  From a filmmakers point of view, this gives you tools that pro cameras have.  I highly recommend this app if you want to take good video.
  • An excellent little iphone app which gives you nice control over the video camera, two selectable points for independent focus and exposure points but crucially this adds selectable frame rates of 24p and 25p as well as all the flavours down to 1fps!
    Phillip Bloom
  • Now, for our final piece of camcorder phone advice ...First, capture your videos with Filmic Pro.
    Wall Street Journal

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